Era Jazzu is a nationwide series of club and gala concerts hosting the most renowned stars of contemporary jazz. The culmination of the series is an annual, multi-day Aquanet Jazz Festival. The program includes both concerts of great stars as well as a broad presentation of the most interesting jazz events and trends.

This New Orleans native is known as one pretty much one of the most important names in jazz today. Grammy Award-winner and general jazz multi-talent: whether it’s vocals, composition, mastering the trumpet or a number of other instruments—Nicholas Payton rises to the occasion and makes magic with sound.

This trio is pretty much the embodiment of everything anyone’s referring to when they whip out the trendy phrase „Scandinavian jazz-piano style.” Of course, the Swedes just have to always come up with all the good stuff, don’t they? The Tingvall Trio came to be in 2003 and very quickly rose up to the level of the most elite European jazz bands. Their style incorporates a seemingly perfect balance of free jazz, folk, rock & roll, and just the right amount of Cuban influence.

A breath of fresh air in today’s jazz scene, the E.J. Strickland Quintet is synonymous for high-quality sounds and is considered to be part of today’s jazz elite. The group’s musicians have been shaped by high-class institutions like Boston’s Berklee School of Music and the New World School of the Arts in Miami, and have worked with some of the best musicians the world of jazz has to offer.

Often referred to as „the next Diana Krall,” this Australian pianist and vocalist oozes with all things style, elegance and class. But putting her right in Krall’s shadow does McKenzie a disservice, as she’s really got enough talent and skill to stand out from the crowd all on her own. Mostly known for her musical tone, emulating a combination of sounds suspended somewhere between 30s and 40s style ballads, bossa nova, and blues, her intonation and stunning voice are unmistakeably Sarah McKenzie and nobody else.

When a Cuban pianist and composer joins forces with a brilliant Italian trumpet player, the result is pretty much fool-proof. Paolo Fresu is known as one of the best trumpet players of our time, and his impeccable improvisation skill and perfectly-honed craft are nearly unmatchable. Omar  Sosa’s skills, roots, and influence take us across the world to Brazilian, Cuban, Central America to the Middle East and Africa. Together, they don’t just create impressive sounds, they take the audience on a journey to some of the most musically-developed corners of the world.

Era Jazzu offers club concerts, gala recitals in prestigious venues as well as occasional publications. Era Jazzu  constantly maintains its aspirational character and positions the brand extremely high which allows it to remain one of the most important jazz events in Poland.

Dionizy Piątkowski