Mike Smiarowski is an American from Buffalo. And although the name of the American composer and guitarist sounds familiar to us, he is one of the most popular musicians in the USA. Why? Because he connected his art with the so-called light, easy and pleasant music, that is guitar expressions close to smooth-jazz, cheerful fusion, rocking flamenco and Caribbean rhythms and Latin sounds. His recordings are on the prestigious National Radio charts, along with the hit recordings of jazz by Kenny G, George Benson, Earl Klugh, Pat Metheny, Herb Alpert, Lee Ritenour, Peter White, Kevin Eubanks, Stanley Jordan and Quincy Jones. Interestingly, Mike Smiarowski has been in recent years (since 2007) nominated in over 27 Grammy Awards categories and his music is played in the presidential aircraft Air Force One. Also, millions of United Airlines passengers have the opportunity to listen to over two hours of his music traveling around the United States. Big hits of his „useable” music are ” Island Fantasy”, „Fusion”, „Cookin’ Coconuts ” and ” Beach Serenade„. In the Home Shopping Network system, its „Tropical Romance”, „Island Fantasy-Part-II” and ” Lullabye” are the most popular recordings in elevators and stores across America!

I am very proud of my music – says Mike Smiarowski – a star of smooth jazz and hit, relaxing guitar music. I show the diversity of my music; you can appreciate it as an art form or have as background music to adapt to the mood you want to capture. In other words – my music can reach many different recipients. I write and play instrumental music that appeals to all groups and races. My music is an eclectic mix of many styles of music. „

Mike Smiarowski also collects recommending opinions about his music and playing in prestigious media (from Jazz Times, Gavin Magazine to Guitar Player and In Music / Schwann): „a solo presentation that sounds like the entire band plus orchestra, and the composition set is a unique combination instrumental jazz, pop, Latin and classical music.”His playing on the guitar and composing are so eclectic that only a few can match their style and attractiveness for all age groups, races and musical tastes.” „With the release of his next album, Mike Smiarowski undoubtedly sets himself up as one of the best guitarists/composers in the world of music!” Legendary Wrecking Crew session guitarist Tommy Tedesco stated: „In my opinion, he is one of the best guitarists in the country.”

The discography of the guitarist and composer includes three studio bestseller albums “Fusion”, „Island Fantasy and „Island Fantasy II”. The newest – it’s a live album – “Latin Moods. ” I decided to release a concert album – Mike Smiarowski explains the idea of the new album – because these recordings show my love for all forms of Latin music, especially for flamenco. I have always been inspired by catchy lines of melody and a huge richness of built-in rhythms and expression of pure emotion. This combination of sound, mood and rhythm is extremely interesting for the listener and artist. I was also inspired by films, including „The Magnificent Seven” by the great Elmer Bernstein. To him I dedicate the recording of „Spanish/Mexican Fantasy”; I played with my electric band once, now I play acoustic on the Latin Moods. Because the album is special, completely acoustic, with flamenco music, jazz improvisations, it is very creative.”

Dionizy Piątkowski